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L.J. Klem Woodworking
A Tradition in Fine Woodworking
What a privilege and honor it is to introduce you to our company! Our
family and friends have enjoyed the woodworking skills and artistry of
patriarch, John R. Klem, since 1983.  

Since 2007, the fine tradition of John Klem's woodworking  continues with
L.J. Klem Woodworking. Our company  is a family owned business located
in Southern Indiana.  Visit our website to learn more about the fine tradition
and custom wood furniture by L.J. Klem Woodworking.
Crotch Mahogany Silver Chest
Providing custom wood
furniture tailored for you
and your home!
Contact us:
L.J. Klem Woodworking
A Tradition in Fine Furniture
L.J. Klem Woodworking | 4477 South State Rd. 162 | Huntingburg, Indiana 47542 | USA
Each piece of L.J. Klem furniture is an original handcrafted piece by John
Klem.  Acquiring only the finest grade premium hardwoods, John handpicks
the wood utilized for each piece he creates.  He produces each piece of
furniture with skill and craft to highlight the natural beauty of the selected
Custom Woodworking